The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Producers Association is an association of the free range/road runner chicken producers in Zimbabwe. It is primarily involved in advocacy work for free-range poultry producers.

The association also coordinates the activities of its various members and offers information on markets and certifications for free range chicken farmers in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPPA) is a national association that brings together members from all over the country for the development of the free poultry production sector in the country.
THE Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPA) will next month hold a field day in Mutare to mobilise more poultry farmers into joining the association. In an interview with The Herald, the association’s provincial chairman, Mr Joseph Nyamukungwa said: “We need to mobilise commercial poultry farmers in Manicaland since our vision is to make free range poultry including quails, the birds of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“This field day is basically an exhibition where we are bringing as many people together and showing or acknowledging the excellent work happening in the sector.
“This is the first of its kind.”

Mr Nyamukungwa said what necessitated the holding of the field day was the desire to bring together farmers, the market, financiers and banks.

ZFFRPA secretary-general, Mrs Beauty Jiji said: “Our overall goal is to enhance food security, nutrition and household incomes through sustainable commercialisation of free range poultry and quails across all households in Zimbabwe and even beyond.