THE Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) has adopted a new show logo that reflects the new identity of the rebranded Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, which will be held from 26 to 31 August 2019 under the theme “Technology. Innovation. Modernisation: Adopt. Accentuate. Accelerate.”

In an interview, ZAS Head- Sales and Marketing, Cynthia Tapera, said brands can be successfully revamped by adapting current styles while celebrating their history.

“ZAS is about heritage, about making that heritage relevant for today and making that heritage relevant tomorrow. Inspiration for the development of the ZAS logo was sought from the past to inform the Society’s future in order to create a new identity that has a retro and approachable feel. Achieving this and more, the new identity focuses on the brand’s heritage and embodies a personality that reflects the Show as it currently stands through contemporary visuals and a fresh approach to its entire digital presence.”

She explained that this was more than just a revamped logo, but  about elevating the experience of stakeholders. With the transitioning from Harare Agricultural Show to Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, it is expected that both the pitch and tone of the Show will be heightened. The ZAS109 shall be further broadened to encompass and highlight other sectors of the economy with links to agriculture such as tourism, mining, manufacturing, services and infrastructure, while retaining the character, context, content and diversity of the Harare Agricultural Show, creating a whole new show ecosystem.

“The Showis transformingin a way that inspires exhibitors, investors, and show goers to see the Show in an enhanced light.The new Show logo seeks to engage, inform, invite, challenge and support in equal measure,” she said.


The cow has always been a traditional symbol of wealth and economic strength in Zimbabwean culture. Furthermore, within the ZAS brand, the cow is part of the logo for the Livestock Revitalisation Programme. This is the same “revitalisation” that the Zimbabwean economy as a whole needs, and that the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show will help to bring about by “Facilitating Agricultural Development”.

Promoting Agricultural Development will not only improve the economy of Zimbabwe, but also help to ensure that Zimbabweans have adequate food and feed. The maize cob icons symbolize all the crops that are grown in Zimbabwe. Various consumers, both local and international, stand to benefit from the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show by meeting with various people and organizations throughout the entire crop value chain and agricultural ecosystem. Using gold as the colour for these maize cobs is meant to symbolize how precious food security is to Zimbabwe, and the entire planet.

To help satisfy the brief’s request for a “retro yet contemporary” logo, this design incorporates the san serif font “Wicked Grit”. San Serif fonts, also known as “fonts without feet” were all the rage both in the modernist and post – modernist periods of art and design history. As a san serif font, Wicked Grit gives an interesting modern touch to a logo design that borrows heavily from logos in the 1890s. The font even has some “weathering” to it, also hinting at the Show’s long history of “Promoting Agricultural Development”.

By promoting agricultural development, the show helps all the subsequent industries from secondary, through tertiary to quaternary. As one of the primary industries in Zimbabwe, agriculture will help a lot to move the gear cogs of Zimbabwe’s industries and help to revitalize its economy by creating jobs and increasing the country’s Gross Domestic Product, among other benefits that the Show will facilitate.

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