The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has forecasted that there will be no more substantial rains as the summer season comes to an end this month.

With the bulk of the maize and other crops like soya beans showing clear signs of moisture stress owing to a prolonged dry spell, hopes of receiving rains are doomed as the MSD predicts more heat waves, little and no rains in various parts of the country.

These are some of adverse effects of the El Nino predicted during the onset of the summer season and a sad scenario on part of most farmers who have no irrigation.

MSD Spokesperson, Tich Zinyemba said although light showers will be received in some parts of the country this week, summer is coming to an end with this month marking the post 2018-2019 rain season.

The first national crop assessment is complete, and in light of latest weather forecast, it remains to be seen when the government will officially declare this cropping season a drought.