Choosing your 2020/2021 crop is complex and a no easy go .it is going to be harder than ever to make an educated guess about which crops have the best chance of being profitable in 2020.One thing was the news about the maize demand, soybean and wheat yield and emerging cotton potential.


1-Profit projections

The profit from income-leading specialty crops

2-Opportunity gap

you’ll be looking at your own costs and yields to decide which crop has the best chance to be profitable on your farm in 2019.

But should you also factor in a crop’s upside yield potential?

3-Soil health wildcard

To make the “what to plant?” puzzle even more complex, consider the soil health question. More and more farmers who are no-tilling, cover cropping and grazing livestock cropland in the new regenerative ag production system are saying they have been able to reduce or eliminate routine use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides because soil organisms on their farms are so much more active.