Wheat shortages which hit the country over the past weeks and scarce supply of bread in some shops will soon come to an end as harvesting of the cereal crop is now in full throttle in different parts of the country.

Some farms visited by this news crew including Nyatimhenyu in Mashonaland West, workers were busy servicing combine harvesters in readiness for the harvesting time.

“As you can see we are servicing our combine harvesters. Our wheat is now ripe and ready for harvesting, so we will start tomorrow,” said some of the workers at Nyatimhenyu farm.

The farmers who are expecting at least an average tonnage of 6.5 per hectare paid tribute to government for launching command agriculture which increased yields.

“We thank command agriculture for providing inputs on time, but we appeal to government to consider and give priority to allocate foreign currency for some of us who have combines for buying spares parts which are not readily available in the country,” laments other farm workers.

In Banket harvesting was in full swing and farmers were busy ferrying their produce to the GMB.

The country is this year expecting about 140 000 metric tonnes against a national requirement of 350 000 to 400 000 per year.


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