The government is working on a national programme to promote the concept of roof top water harvesting to reduce the huge run-off experienced during the rainy seasons while easing demand for water from the traditional water sources.

Gaps in water harvesting techniques particularly in urban areas have resulted in significant run-off of valuable water which if properly utilised could ease the current demand for the precious liquid.

The government is now exploring alternative sources to improve the availability and management of water for domestic consumption both in urban and rural areas.

This is also viewed as a long term solution to deal with the water challenges in urban areas.

Rain water harvesting is being effectively used in countries such as Brazil and South Africa as it is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

This initiative forms part of the broader programme which the government is working on to resuscitate available water harvesting facilities through massive desilting exercises with  authorities having secured a US$7 million fund to capacitate the programme and ensure its successful roll out.



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