The Lions Den Grain Marketing board depot has begun working round the clock to meet up with the high volumes of grain deliveries currently coming through.

Following reports on challenges being faced by farmers in their delivery of grain much of it produced under the command agriculture programme, Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has instigated a fact finding mission making his first stop at the Lions Den GMB depot.

“We cannot afford to lose any grain” was the message coming through from Vice President Mnangagwa who was advised the Lions Den GMB has since begun working on a 24 hour shift to clear the high volumes of trucks delivering grain.

From Lions Den, Vice President Mnangagwa proceeded to tour Banket and Chegutu GMB depots.

Reports of farmers waiting hours on end while delivering grain and others being turned away due to poor grain moist content have made headlines.

These shortcomings have opened up avenues of possible side marketing where middlemen have pounced on the farmers to buy the grain.


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