The agriculture business in Zimbabwe is set to improve as local institutions of higher learning are harnessing science and technology to promote agricultural mechanisation.

As part of the implementation of the transformation of higher education for industrialisation thrust introduced by the government, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) in support of agriculture has developed machinery that makes agriculture a viable business.

Speaking during a tour of the UZ Bio-Systems and Agriculture Engineering Department today, UZ Vice Chancellor, Professor Levi Nyagura said they are working towards complimenting the government with agricultural technologies.

UZ Bio-systems and Agricultural Engineering lecturer, Mr Special Musoni and the students who participated in the production of some of the machines, explained to the taskforce on transformation of higher education for industrialization and modernization which was touring the department on how the mechanisms works.

Professor Nyagura added that the university has developed among other things a hay roller baler with locally produced materials and they are looking forward to funding to enable the mass production of those machines.

Earlier this year, the Taskforce on the Transformation of Higher Education for Industrialisation and Modernisation had a fruitful tour of international universities where it gathered information on how to harness science in local institutions of higher learning.


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