Untapped Business Ideas To Start In Zim

Untapped Business Ideas To Start In Zim

Sep 24, 2023 - 09:13
Sep 24, 2023 - 09:16
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Untapped Business Ideas To Start In Zim

1). Tomato Processing Business:

Tomato processing is one of the many untapped business ideas with a lot of potentials and a promise of financial stability. Zim has a lot of tomato farmers which will make the tomato processing business flourish with ease. Also, you can process tomatoes into different products such as ketchup, tomato paste, and much more.

Starting a tomato processing business requires good capital and a good location but the market is ready. This will reduceZim’s overdependence on imported tomato products.

2). Pet Breeding:

Your four-legged friend can also put some money in your pocket. You can rear dogs and cats and sell their offspring! Pets are valuable companions and the pet breeding industry is fast evolving in Zim, Africa and many places around the world.

It helps to start with common pets like dogs, cats and bunnies. Pet breeding is still an untapped business because most people rear pets without considering selling them.

3.Recycling Business:

Recycling waste is a lucrative business but not many waste items are recycled in Zim, Africa and many places around the world. Recycling involves converting used items like plastic bottles, newspapers, bulbs, empty cans, batteries, glass, and others into new products. Products such as tissue papers, tiles, glasses, exercise books, and much more.

The recycling waste materials business idea is seen as a dirty business by most peiople but it is a good way to convert dirt to wealth.

4). Maize Farming:

To make the best of this untapped lucrative business, it is important to start big and get a business plan alongside. Maize has a large market and different forms of end products. Capitalizing on this means having a large farm.

For effective maize farming, you need to invest in a good land tractor, fertilizers and sufficient manpower.

5). Poultry Feed Production:

Poultry feed production involves formulating nutritional poultry feed to meet the nutrition requirements of different poultry birds. Producing animal feeds requires combining different agricultural products in the right proportion.

Producing the right poultry feeds requires in-depth training in the right agricultural products and their appropriate proportion. You also have to invest in devices such as pellet machines.

6). Investing In FinTech:

The financial technology industry enjoys a regular increase in stock price, increase in revenue, and strong growth. These features are part of the things to consider before investing one’s money. You can invest in tech startups or existing ones.

However, it is important to consult experts or study the tech market for yourself before investing.

7). Turkey Rearing:

Turkey rearing involves rearing turkey for meat or eggs. Turkeys are consumed across all regions of Nigeria and other parts of Africa as a whole.

Hotels, restaurants and other food hubs are the major clientele of the turkey business. This lucrative business is profitable and has a high return on investment ratio.

8). Jam Production:

Jam is one of the most widely consumed foods in Nigeria, Africa and many other places around the world. It is made from fruits and can be eaten with bread, cake, cheese, pancake toppings, and much more. Jam has a high nutritional value and a lot of health benefits. It reduces serious health risks such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Jam production in Nigeria is still relatively underexplored, and this leaves a lot of room for investors and new entrepreneurs. There is an existing market both locally and internationally, so producers of jam get to enjoy a steady market demand.

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