There is no direct treatment for the Lumpy Skin Disease Virus ( LSDV) itself.
However, the secondary infections caused by the virus can be treated .
Typical treatment of secondary infections and supportive therapy is based on the following :
1. Vaccinate immediately all animals that are not yet affected . Immunity starts to develop about 10 days after immunisation and animals should be fully protected after 3 weeks.
For those affected by LSD
2. PenStrep 400 LA injection antibiotic to fight secondary infections .
3. Multivitamin injection (or Vitamin AD3E + Vitamin B complex ) to stimulate appetite and promote faster recovery
4. Treatment for pain, fever and inflammation. Eg Phenylject (Phenylbutazone) or Ketesol 100 ( Keteprofen) or Glucortin (Dexamethasone). Consult the vet before giving any of these medications.
5. Wounds in the mouth can be treated with ‘mutomba’ or Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) + honey + finger millet flour
Mix 50g Soda with 1L water
Clean wounds with the solution then apply mixture of honey and finger millet flour .
6. Wounds between or around hoofs can be treated with a copper sulphate 10% foot bath
7. Open lumps on the body can be treated with Venton wound oil and OTC Spray
8. In general :
8.1 Wear protective latex gloves at all times during treatment and burn afterwards
8.2 Isolate sick animals if possible . Do not allow to eat from same feeding troughs
8.3 Provide a sick pen protected from the sun, rains and cold chills and give a nutritionally balanced feed ration to the sick animals so that they do not have to walk to far in order to graze
8.4 Control flies and mud in pens

Copied — in Beatrice, Zimbabwe.