The Meteorological Department (Met Department) is forecasting torrential rains to cause havoc throughout the country in the coming few days.

According to the Met Department, rains and windstorm will strike tomorrow morning with meteorologist James Ngoma saying the weather would be in a turbulent mood for the next few days.

Ngoma said precipitation is moving from South Africa and Botswana, entering country via Masvingo and Matabeleland where the rains are expected to start falling today before spreading to Mashonaland provinces.

“Localised heavier rainfall in access of 50mm in 24 hours cannot be ruled out, so we advise the people to keep indoors when the rains start to fall,” Ngoma said.

More rainfall is expected from the Zambian side entering the country through the southern parts, starting from next week.

“More rainfall is expected starting next week, this will prolong a bit especially in Mashonaland provinces and this should be good for farmers,” he said.

While normal to below normal rains are expected in other parts of country, chances of El Nino-induced drought cannot be ruled out.