*A Water pump that requires no energy(no electricity no solar)*

*The pumps only require water
to be able to pump*

A ZIMBABWE founded
company Tolmo, has
partnered with Aotea
Global Services to provide
eco-friendly sustainable water
delivery systems to urban and
rural communities using clean
In partnership with Aotea
Global, Tolmo offer a range of
water pumps that can deliver
25,000 litres to 800,000 litres
per day, without the use of fuel
or electricity.
“The pumps only require water
to be able to pump. Considering
that electricity and fuel has
been a challenge in this country,
these pumps comes in handy
and convenient for the country
folk,” Tolmo founder Lionel
Magumbe said.
“Once installed, the water pump
lasts for around 30 years with
minimal maintenance costs and
effort as it will be running free
24/7 as long as they water is
flowing into them.
“This product is a huge aid
in health and food security
because villagers often walk
miles in search of water but with
these solutions we can deliver
water miles from the source
to those who need it, without
requiring fuel or power.
Magumbe added that
communities can now grow
crops outside of the rainy
season, increasing their
opportunity to grow cash crops,
while accessing clean drinking
water which is detrimental to
their health.
The partnership between the
two entities also provide water
purification solutions.
“We are the preferred partner in
Zimbabwe by Aotea Global who
in turn partner with companies
across the globe to find and
provide products to help
Zimbabwe become the bread
basket of Africa once again,”
Magumbe said.
“They are passionate about
providing water solutions for
irrigation, drinking and even
mini hydro solutions. We
work closely with them on
these products and solutions,
handling things for them locally
and also across other parts of
A total of 1000 water pumps
have been installed across
the world and the impact in
removing the need for fuel and
power is huge. Meanwhile, the
department of Irrigation under
the Ministry of Agriculture has
placed an order of 100 pumps
for a pilot project.

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*The launch of AoteA’s Papa Pump on the Zimbabwe Prison CS’ farm in Mazoe.*

For those enquiring more on this type of pump , we are a knowledge empoerement unit only , you can get more information by contacting the originators of this product
also i have added a link to mazoe prison services farm test launch they did among other projects

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Aotea email : [email protected]