Selby Enterprises Zimbabwe

Sep 22, 2023 - 20:16
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Selby Enterprises Zimbabwe

Selby Enterprises Zimbabwean

Selby Enterprises Zimbabwean

Are you into Horticulture and fruit production in zimbabwe ?

If you have been in this business for some time you are sure Selby's name has passed your ears at one time , today i am going to do a small writeup of this top fresh veg exporter from Zimbabwe Mazoe region 

Selby Enterprises is a Zimbabwean fruit and vegetable marketing firm, operating since 1989, from Komani Estate just outside Harare and is one of the largest wholesalers and exporters, by air and road, of fruit and vegetables to and from Zimbabwe. Our international markets include customers in Continental Europe, Australasia, Republic of South Africa and regional markets.   local customers include most major retailers nationwide.

They lead the field in adopting quality management systems that incorporate high social, ethical, food safety and environmental standards including BRC, GLOBALGAP, HACCP, SMETA, Farming for the Future and various market labels such as NURTURE and AH PROTOCOL

The company was founded by Adam Selby, Giles Selby and Linda Selby in 1989 with the aims of developing a horticultural export marketing company to exploit their personal experience, qualifications and talents and answer the country’s need to value add to its agricultural resources by earning foreign currency, creating employment and empowering farmers

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