Requirements for Broiler Contract Growing - irvines Zimbabwe

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Requirements for Broiler Contract Growing - irvines Zimbabwe
Requirements for Broiler Contract Growing - irvines Zimbabwe

Contract Farming
Requirements for Broiler Contract Growing
Contract growing chickens for Irvines Zimbabwe (IZIM) is when the grower enters into a contract with Irvines Zimbabwe to grow broiler chickens on behalf of the company. A nine week cycle is used where the grower keeps the birds for thirty eight-forty (38-40) days and the site rests for three (3) weeks during which cleaning and disinfection is carried out.

Irvines Zimbabwe provides the day old chicks, feed, transport for the day old chicks, feed and collection of birds for slaughter; vaccines, medication and cleaning chemicals as required while the grower provides the infrastructure, labour, litter, brooding requirements and water for the birds. The birds are kept on the grower site and upon achieving target slaughter weight are collected by Irvines Zimbabwe.
The grower is responsible for the birds from day of receipt till delivery to Irvines Zimbabwe processing plant. Irvines Zimbabwe will slaughter, process, provide refrigeration facilities and market the final product.
Minimum requirements for site
• Minimum number of birds per site: 30,000 birds (10,000 birds per house);
• Recommended radius to Harare: 70km;
• All weather access roads;
• Well drained soils;
• Intact perimeter fence and lockable gate;
• At least 1 km from other poultry and piggery sites;
• Poultry houses built as per Irvines Zimbabwe Housing manual;

• A pre acceptance audit to be done to ascertain compliance;

• Biosecurity ensuring complete separation from other operations;

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