• Doing things On time
  • Doing things To high standard
  • Doing things With minimal wastage

Farming requires high level of management for you to be in business without which, you may regret.

  1. Doing things on time will ensure that you are avoiding last minute rush at a time when a certain activity ought to have been done earlier e.g. planting on time, ensures getting to market on time when prices are prime
  2. To a high standard; when things are done to a high standard, you feel proud of the work of your hands. Looking at God during the time of creation, He looked at everything at it was good.

Shortcuts cost farmers a lot with an aim of saving cost, you end up spending more for shoddy job.

  1. With minimal wastage….you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Farmers at times are very wasteful when it comes to inputs (land, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals etc.)

Ensure you decide what size of land you want to use and utilize it well, know what inputs and quantities needed for your project and budget exactly for that, quality is better than quantity.

One key thing to note in farming is that your inputs determine the land size to farm. If you have water enough for an acre, manure for an acre, seeds for one acre, do not be tempted to do two acres, that will be planning to fail.

All the best!