The horticulture industry of Zimbabwe is being revitalised to become a major foreign currency earner.

OVER 40 Zimbabwean and international exhibitors have registered for the country’s first international horticulture trade fair since 2001 to be held in Harare in October.
Zimbabwe will host the new horticulture trade fair “HortiFlor” at the Harare International Convention Centre for three days from October 9 to October 11.
International exhibitors are from Spain, South Africa, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Kenya and India.

The horticulture industry of Zimbabwe, which earned $143 million in foreign receipts in 1999, is being revitalised to become a major foreign currency earner. The Flower Growers Association of Zimbabwe was recently revived to ensure that Zimbabwe regains its position as the second largest African exporter of horticulture products.
“It is time to boost production and exports of Zimbabwe’s horticulture products. Having been Africa’s second largest exporter, the time has come to get things on the road again and try and see whether a place in the top three can be achieved”, the organiser of the trade fair Dick van Raamsdonk of HPP Exhibition said.
“The exhibition is gearing up and has now almost 40 Zimbabwean and international exhibitors. Growers of vegetables, fruits and flowers as well as various national and international horticultural suppliers have already taken up most of the ground floor exhibit space. There is plenty of space for another 100 plus exhibitors on the second floor of the exhibition centre in Harare.
“With a total expected number of 75 exhibitors for this first edition, there is still enough space for interested companies to participate. The world has changed, the circumstances are different, but the demand has stayed. Reason why all players in the world of horticulture should be present during the trade event that will run from October 9 to October 11,” he said.
Besides the exhibition itself, meetings are being planned by various organisations, all related to Zimbabwe’s horticulture industry. It is expected that there will be a very high and broad interest to attend, by both exhibiting and attending companies from in and outside Zimbabwe.
The event’s organisers, HPP International Exhibitions Group, are the organisers of the International Floriculture Trade Fair and the Fresh Produce Africa in Kenya.