Solid Rain is a potassium based powder which is capable of absorbing water up to 500 times its size. Solid Rain acts as a personal underground reservoir that retains water in the roots of any plant. This retained water is then slowly dispersed in the soil, keeping it constantly hydrated. Solid Rain helps encapsulate all the water that would regularly evaporate, making water available to any plant even in times of drought. Solid Rain encapsulates and disperses water for up to 8 years.

Solid Rain has been used in more than 10 different countries, all with different success stories. Solid Rain helps people save water, money and time.


With ever rising water costs, widespread drought alerts, and the worldwide population increasing at an alarming rate, water conservation is at an upmost importance. Knowing that future generations depend on the limited amount of useable water has made us realize that the time for change is now. With Solid Rain, you will not only be saving money, but more importantly, saving water for future generations. Agriculture is the largest consumer of fresh water in the USA, accounting for 33% of all fresh water consumption. Solid Rain helps cut down watering up to 80%



  • Encapsulates water and stores it underground for up to 10 years
  • Permits the cultivating of agriculture under extreme climates and poor soil conditions.
  • Provides your agriculture with regular moisture for optimal growth.
  • Growing agriculture is now permitted under areas of scarce rain and/or water access.
  • Helps aerate the soil.
  • Reduces the amount of constant irrigation.
  • Helps retain the nutrients found in the soil by 33%; thus less fertilizing is needed.
  • Helps the environment in moments of drought, desertification, and water contamination.



  • Grass and Home Gardening
    1. With Solid Rain you can save anywhere from 50% – 80% percent of water depending on the climate and soil conditions.
  • Transplanted Greens
    1. When transplanting agriculture, the process has a tremendous amount of stress on your plant relating to watering; having a high mortality rate. When adding SolidRain to a plant it is known to reduce the stress incorporated with transplanting of agriculture.
  • Growing without Soil
    1. With Solid Rain you save anywhere from 30% – 50% on water usage under greenhouses. It also increases horticultural production anywhere from 80% – 100%.
  • Other Uses
    1. Hidroseeding, mulching, intensive agriculture, large gardens.