this article by Tichaona Gumunyu , caught my attention and thought maybe i could share , very insightful.he said  “Walking around some parts of Harare today I came across these two pieces of fields. The fields are divided by nothing other than a small footpath.

However, the difference between the crop in these fields shocked me.

When I stopped to think about the possible reasons why there was a sharp contrast between two fields which were situated at the same geographical area with the same weather and other physical conditions I came to this conclusion: nature does not lie; what I was seeing was the truth – both fields received the same kind of natural endowments but what separated them was the kind of attention they received from their owners.

While the other field received proper attention the other did not which led to the former flourishing while the latter turned yellow.

Farming is not a play thing. It requires commitment and sacrifice. If you cannot part with your money, if you cannot afford to leave your comfort Zones then forget about a bumper harvest. Crops are like children, they respond to the kind of attention you give them.

The next time you visit your crops check whether they are smiling or not ?

Tichaona Gumunyu
Practical Development Projects