This Chicken Is Totally Black from Head to Toe. Even the Meat, Bones, and Organs Are Black!

Get ready to see the most awesome chicken ever. This rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about this chicken. But once you learn about it, you’ll definitely want to share this with your friends.

Ayam Cemani

Cemani Hen
Country of origin Indonesia
  • Male:2–3 kilograms (4.4–6.6 lb)
  • Female:1.5–2 kilograms (3.3–4.4 lb)
Skin color Black
Egg color Tinted / light brown
Comb type Single

Cemani Rooster

Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken from Indonesia. They have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis), making the chicken entirely black; including feathers, beak, and internal organs.