Global attention on macadamia nuts continue to shift towards supporting production in Zimbabwe with the opening of the first one stop centre in Chipinge being the latest investment venture.

Macadamia nuts that are believed to have originated in Australia are now extensively grown in Chipinge and have not only drawn the attention of international buyers but are also attracting new investments.

The opening of the country’s one stop centre in Chipinge will greatly assist in boosting productivity in the macadamia farming sector and offer a solid base for beneficiation and value addition of the district’s green diamond, says Chipinge district administrator Mr William Mashava who officially opened the macadamia shop and technical support initiative.

Macadamia Association Secretary General Mr James Maisiri says the opening of the shop eliminates the challenges that were being faced by farmers in accessing chemicals that previously required an import licence as all the chemicals were found out of the country.

Cropet Agricultural Services chief executive officer Mr Lazarus Dhliwayo says the centre will provide technical assistance to the new macadamia farmers while also offering chemicals and fertilisers even under a loan payment plan to eliminate funding challenges.

Macadamia nuts from Chipinge are exported with very few nuts being channelled towards the local market due to overwhelming international demand and good prices.

The good price has also seen more farmers growing the nut as it has high returns.


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