In its latest weather update, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) says the country should expect light rainfall showers and warmer temperatures this week.

MSD forecaster James Ngoma said Matabeleland North, northern areas of the Midlands, Bulawayo and Harare metropolitan, Manicaland and all Mashonaland provinces will experience light rainfall showers and possibly moderate to heavy rains.

“These areas are expected to be cloudy with sunny breaks and scattered light rain showers that could be thundery are still expected.

“Although moderate to heavy falls cannot be ruled out in some places, it should be warm by day, becoming mild overnight,” Ngoma said.

He said Matabeleland South, southern areas of the Midlands and Masvingo Province would be warmer with light rainfall and thunder activity.

“Beginning of rather mild by day on Saturday, November 24, the temperatures should gradually get warmer towards Tuesday, November 27.

“Scattered clouds expected during this period, though thickening at times with no significant rainfall being expected.

“From Wednesday,  November 28 till the end of the forecast period, light rainfall and thunder activity is expected. Under cloudy conditions with a slight fall in day time temperatures are expected from Thursday 29,” Ngoma said.

The MSD earlier said there are no meaningful rains received anywhere across the country to date for people to start planting because of dry air in the middle levels of the atmosphere, which is sitting over Zimbabwe, reducing the chances of rain-bearing clouds.

It said the cloud bands which normally traverse the country from Botswana have been very weak this time around.

This comes after the country was warned to expect another El nino this year.

El nino alters rainfall patterns worldwide and in Zimbabwe they are mostly linked with a severe shortage of rain.

It is a naturally occurring weather cycle caused by warming waters in the Pacific Ocean.