Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe’s Drive Towards Sustainable Agriculture

The Leaders in Yield Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe (K2) has mandated itself with restoring The Zimbabwean  Agriculture Industry’s  impressive history of productivity, that at its peak resulted in relatively affordable food, feed, and fiber for domestic purposes and increases in agricultural exports. Through the first of the seed company’s exclusive showcase days held on the 6th of April 2017 at the Agricutural Reasearch Trust Farm. Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe (K2) offered farmers early access to the latest technologies, genetics and the full product spectrum available commercially in Zimbabwe in 2017.


Commercial Farmers were privy to presentations and field demonstrations by the  Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe and Zambia, heads of Research and Agronomy, and the learnings that have been taken from Zambia that Zimbabwe can adopt towards re-establishing sustainable agriculture on the widest scale in Zimbabwe.

 Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe (K2) is continuously launching new products to ensure that the company is at the forefront of agronomic developments and climate change. New technologies in the company maize crop basket include, drought tolerance, low nitrogen use efficiency, stay green characteristics and the mother of all, for irrigation   farmers, is  high plant population maize with yield potential of over 20 MT per hectare.  The company through a great extent of investment has developed over 8 hybrid seed maize varieties for Zimbabwean farmers that are suitable for the all regions.    K2  Country Agronomist and Marketing Manager, Beauty Magiya said ‘K2 understands that, now more than ever, conditions determining yields for the Zimbabwean farmer, particularly the ever changing weather patterns required additional innovation in developing new varieties to support the efforts of our farmers and government to restore Zimbabwe to the bread basket status of Southern Africa.’

Research, product development, field demonstrations and direct contact with farmers in their fields irrespective of land size, remain the fundamental components of the company’s increasing footprint and success in Sub Saharan Africa.  The seed company, in addition to maize wanted to take the crop and vegetable field demonstrations to another level and these included

Sugar Beans

  • Kware
  • Cardinal
  • Specled Ice


  • CBC1
  • CBC2


  • Vumba
  • Rakodzi
  • Shirikure


  • Shinje

Pasture Crops

  • Rye Grass (Annual Temperature Pasture Grass)
  • Forage Sorghum (Annual Sub – Tropical Pasture)
  • Lucerne (Perennial Sub – Tropical Pasture)



K2 is the single seed company with the widest crop basket in Zimbabwe, it offers a wide variety of grains, vegetables, flowers and pastures seeds and is internationally recognised by seed industry leaders.



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