Important facts about Rabbits and Rabbit meat

1. Rabbits grow fast especially if fed well reaching maturity at 5 months and slaughter weight at 3 months.
2. They require less land (space) with diminishing land size; therefore can be kept at the backyard.
3. They can derive their feed requirement entirely on greens only.
4.They are prolific each doe capable of reproducing 4 times a year an average of 8 kits per kindling.
5. They have one of the highest feed conversion ratios at 4:1.
Rabbit meat is white meat of high quality, easily digestible with low fat, low cholesterol and high protein compared to most other meats.
6. The unsaturated fats (good fats) in rabbit meat make 63% of the total fatty acids.
7. Rabbit meat is lower in percentage fat than chicken, turkey, beef and pork.
8. Rabbit meat provides the lowest calories per kilogram of meat consumed compared to other sources of meat.
9. Rabbit meat is one of the cleanest meat as it is raised off the ground.
Other important products from rabbits include manure, skins and fur. They can also be produced as lab animals.