How to perform Farm Monitoring
1. Have a Goal
The main reason for having a goal is to know what you would consider as success. Depending on the kind of farming business being undertaken or the market demand the goal differs.

For example, the goal of a Broiler farmer is quick weight gain, while a Layer farmer aims for optimum egg production. Also, as a Broiler farmer the local buyers prefer larger birds 2-3 kg while the fast food market go for smaller sized birds. Therefore, it is important for you to clearly spell out your goal.

2. Create a Road Map
Creating a road map is basically the process of creating a plan to know exactly what is required to achieve your business goal. It involves knowing the Who, Where, What and How Much. Creating a farm plan can help.

3. Break the goal into short targets.
Your goal should be broken into shorter achievable targets. Depending on your farming business, you could decide to break your goals into weekly, bi-weekly or monthly targets. These targets should be achievable and based on statistical data.

4. Measure certain factors
At the stipulated intervals there are certain factors that should be measured. These are factors that determine the success of your business and they differ depending on the type of farming business you engage in. Some of these factors include:
Death Rate
Growth Rate
Egg production volume (layers)
Measure factors against the baseline
By measuring against a baseline, we mean comparing the factors above against what has been done before.

This baseline data could be gotten from records of your previous successful batches or research data.

With a margin of acceptable difference from the baseline, you could always know if your on track to achieving your goal, need to make corrections or totally cut your losses.
What Next?
We could summarize by saying the key to success in Farming is DATA DRIVEN AGRICULTURE.

With proper data being collected in your farming business, it is easy for you monitor farm activities in order to prevent losses, improve on your previous performance, be more profitable and in essence, eliminate guess-work in farming.