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Drought-hit Zimbabweans cut poverty and poaching by breeding bigger goats

The project to breed bigger goats and raise incomes aims to help communities feed their families without wiping out local wildlife, as extreme weather hurts crops Project aims to get farmers to swap hunting for sustainable meat Cross-breeding produces larger goats that fetch a higher price Farmers should be trained on managing wildlife, experts say […]

Beitbridge Farmers Counting Losses After Rodents Outbreak

The recent outbreak of rodents in Beitbridge has left communal farmers counting losses.Farmers in Madzibe communal area of Beitbridge are under siege from ravaging rodents, which are not only attacking crops in the fields but also stored grain.For farmers, the unusual population of a notorious breed of mice, has left them counting losses. “We are […]

Govt Introduces Grain Swap Programme

The Government has introduced a grain swap programme for farmers in the country’s drier regions who grow small grains that are considered more drought-tolerant compared to maize. Under the programme, farmers who grow small grains such as sorghum, millet and rapoko can deliver their produce to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and receive maize in […]

New farm Inventions : Tom Carnell’s OSR drill

Tom Carnell’s oilseed rape drill has won highly commended in our Inventions Competition. Agricultural engineering and electronics specialist Tom Carnell built a custom low-disturbance oilseed rape seeder for a customer in Bedfordshire. Having lost his job as a result of Covid-19, Mr Carnell went out on his own and formed a business called Tramline Tec. […]

Opico to sell FarmDroid drilling and weeding robot

Opico has branched into uncharted waters by taking on the distribution of Danish-made autonomous tool carriers. Carbon neutral and powered by sunshine alone, the so-called FarmDroid is the brainchild of brothers Kristian and Jens Warming. The pair manufactured their first model in 2018 with help and funding from Danish robotics and engineering pioneer Esben Østergaard. […]


You probably might have never noticed but there is untapped potential in food packaging. Have you not noticed how most food packaging is substandard? Have you noticed how in most cases food packaging is not even there? To add to that, most food packaging materials are sourced from outside the country. Recycling companies are also […]

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