hats off to PIB for producing wonderful sows , 31 piglets at once

30+ world record
Tarara Farm, Mr and Mrs Nyatanga farm, visit in Marondera district (ward 23), by group of journalists, Agritex, Vet, Shamiso Farms, VALUE project Team Leader today (01December 2020). The visit has been necessitated after the wonder sow which farrowed 31 born alive piglets this week, arguably beating Zimbabwean and Africa record. The joint visit was done to witness and document the sow for sharing with farmers and stakeholders. Dr Makono, the Marondera Pig Producers Association Chairperson, also attended the documentation. Quick facts on the sow: Purchased from PIB as breeding stock, Litter size 31, Born alive 30, still born 1, mortality today is 3 smallest sizes, Balance as at 01 Dec, 27. Natural mating.