Have you imaged how old you would be when your avocado, udara or orange tree would start fruiting ?. Most fruits we have around take up to 10 to 15 years to start fruiting and this serve as one of the discouragements that young people who love to go into farming and other enthusiasts face.

With the knowledge made available by the internet and efforts of our agro researchers, we can now discard such challenges as they are not insurmountable. There is a solution and that solution is ’GRAFTING ‘. Grafting is a technique whereby you take a tissue (bud, bark, or stem)termed scion from one plant and make it to grow on another plant termed root stock.

The essence of grafting is to have the tree produce a particular type of fruit that the owner prefers and to have it in a very short time. Some trees I mentioned before like avocado peas, mango, black pear, e t c take up to fifteen years to fruit and sometimes they produced some unmarketable fruits both in taste and in appearance. With grafting, you can have a tree bearing three different variety of fruit at the same time as we have it in citrus plants like orange ,lemon, tangerine all growing at the same tree.

Perhaps you have seen some oranges that fruit at a very short height or mangoes that produce fruits at a very tender stage , They were probably grafts. Your dream of living a happy life with the various tree plants you need is now a reality with the graft-technique around. Before you order your fruit trees make sure they are from grafted plants. Enjoy life