The government has launched the Bean Compact Programme aimed at promoting high iron beans, enhance nutrition and food security in line with the National Food Fortification Policy.

The launch of the Bean Compact Programme was done by the Permanent Secretary in the newly expanded Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Culture and Rural Resettlement Engineer Ringson Chitsiko in Harare and its main objective is to promote wide, vibrant adoption of good agricultural practices for increased high iron beans production in the country.

“In Zimbabwe the project aims to reach 200 000 households with high iron beans (HIB) resulting in increased bean production, business opportunities, as well as nutrition and food security,” notes Engineer Chitsiko.

The launch of the Bean Compact Programme comes at a time several approaches such as genetic bio-fortification, food fortification and nutrient supplementation have been proposed to reduce the prevalence of micronutrients malnutrition in vulnerable communities in the country.

“We acknowledge that no single intervention strategy is effective, therefore various interventions will be implemented following the Bean Compact launch,” Engineer Chitsiko said.

Launched by government in collaboration with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, the Bean Compact is being funded within the framework of the African Development Bank multi-national project titled ‘Promoting High Beans in Zimbabwe’.


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