A goat is domesticated animal in many rural areas basically for meat and rituals by different societies but this animal has been for years being traded by some goat vendors in Harare along Kirkman and Tynwald Drive while mingled with other informal traders as they share the little space on the road verges.

Like other vendors those who sale goats in Harare expressed satisfaction on what they do for them to earn a living as they thrive to counter the hardships being faced by many.

ZBC News caught up with the goat vendors who said they have managed to pay rates, schools fees for their children and buy food for their families for a number of years.

They also said they are appealing to city authorities to give them enough space to do their business at large scale same their grazing space is being eroded by urban development.

The animals are being transported from areas such Mutoko, Buhera and Muzarabani which is a difficult process in clearing the goats from the Zimbabwe Republic Police, and Veterinary Services Department.