Livestock farmers have been urged to adopt traditional methods of making silage in order to cut costs and increase livestock productivity amid ever-increasing prices of livestock feed that has affected cattle farmers.

With prices shooting almost on a daily basis, keeping in touch with business and demand has become a headache, especially for commercial livestock farmers who are finding it difficult to buy livestock feed to maintain the quality of their herds.

Ordinarily for large scale livestock
farmers who have silage cutters, making feed is perhaps fast and zero labour
intensive but for the majority who do not have, the alternative is to revisit
the cheap old way of making silage as narrated by Mr Davie Joubert, one of the
most successful livestock farmers in Manicaland province.

Mr Joubert said effectively, homemade silage can reduce costs significantly by 50 percent, hence making it viable for dairy farmers to continue being in business.

“For us to produce a tonne of silage we need between $50-$60. If we can produce silage at these amounts it makes us viable as cattle farmers given that on average the same silage ranges around $600-$700 per tonne,” added Mr Joubert.

Silage is one of the recommended
nutritious livestock feeds and making it domestically can be an effective way
of cutting transport costs and other expenses and resultantly can help farmers
sustain themselves economically.


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