Farmers in Chihota communal areas have been urged to have their soil tested and understand its requirement to improve the yield.Communal farmers can only improve their yield if they take their soils for testing as most of them have been used for centuries without being tested.

Agronomist Mr Irvine Craig whose company has partnered communal farmers in maize production  as part of improving food security told ZBC News at a field day at Mushangazhike homestead in Chihota that although the culture of soil testing has not been embraced by local farmers it is important for improved yields.

Farmers from the area said their soils are no longer producing good yields as they have been overused and need to go for soil testing.

The farmer has a thriving maize crop after planting three maize seed varieties with part of the field having been part of conservation agriculture.

It costs US$15 for full soil analysis at the soil productivity research lab at Grasslands Research Institute in Marondera