Here is a post by Donald Chipunza on his facebook wall as he demonstrates how he has adopted green technology”he said ”

This is a solar wind hybrid installed at my farm. Its not yet found in Zim(lm the first) so please l can not give details of where to get it(physically, mine is from german, but made in China) except online and its called EcoWorth Solar Hybrid for those who want it

The unit gives a total of 500watts, 400 on turbine and 100w on solar!!
You can expand it to kilowatts or mega by increasing number of turbines and or solar panels, and also changing the regulator.


ECO-WORTHY 560W 12V Off Grid Wind & Solar Hybrid System


ECO-WORTHY ‘s Wind Turbine is a smart choice and affordable for remote homes and cabins in windy areas. Electricity produced by wind generation can be stored in batteries for household use when needed. Wind generators can be used alone, or they may be used as part of a hybrid system, in which their output is combined with that of photovoltaics. Hybrid systems are especially useful for winter backup of home systems where cloudy weather and windy conditions occur simultaneously.

  • Max daily output at 1.4KW. It also works when there is only the wind power or solar power, getting hybrid or single power.
  • High performance Nylon fibre blades by precision molding injection
  • Low start-up/cut-in wind speed by unique electro-magnet design
  • Protect from over-speed by blade aerodynamic elasticity
  • High efficient and compact alternator With high performance NdFeB permanent magnet
  • With small moment generator of 0.08N.M for low start wind speed
  • Overspeed protection by special electrical design and aeroelastic blade
  • Hybrid controller for wind turbine and solar panel with PWM function 12V/24V
  • Aluminum housing design for good heat sink ,light weight and tough environment
 wind turbine
Electrical Specifications
Rated Power 400w
Rated Voltage DC12-24V
Battery Voltage DC12-24V
Start-up Wind Speed 2.5m/s(8’/s)
Rated Wind Speed 10.5m/S(35’/s)
Maximum wind speed 35m/s
Rated Rotate Speed 800r/min
battery capacity 200AH-400AH
control system Automatic fan dedicated controller
Inverter Pure Sine wave Inverter
Generator style Permanent-magento-phase A.C
Fan blade quantity 3
Wind leaf material Carbon fibre composite
Rotor diameter 1.2M
Tower diameter Suggest more than 80 mm
Altitude of towe 4.5M-10M
Fan in the weight 8KG
Pole diameter out diameter 7.4cm inner diameter 5.3cm
packing specification 687*365*210mm(27″x14.4″x8.3″)
Product Life 15 years
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE
Wind Controller
Rated Voltage DC12-24V
Rated Wind Generator Capacity 400W/800W
Wind Generator Braking Voltage 14.5V/29V
Wind Generator Recover Voltage: 13.2V/26.4V
Rated Solar Power 500W/1000W
Max. Discharging Current 20A
Battery overpressure protection 16.5V/33V(Close the load output)
Battery discharge protection 10.7V/21.4V(Close the load output)
Battery discharge recovery voltage 12V/25V(Restore the load output )
Quiescent Power Consumption 15mA
Ambient Temperature -35~+75℃
Dimensions(L x W x H):  150mm×87mm×28mm
IP Protection Level IP67