A Chipinge communal farmer who has over 1500 cattle has distributed his cows to 60 families under a unique concept known as kuronzera to ease the pressure of keeping huge numbers of cattle and assist fellow villagers.

“It all started many years ago when I was 33 when I bought two cows that continued to increase in numbers every year till they reached more than 1000,” says Sekuru Elson Muvhu who resides in Vheneka Village in Chipinge South.

Sekuru Muvhu says he has distributed his cattle to over 60 families under a system known as kuronzera as he cannot keep all the 1500 beasts at one place.

Sekuru Muvhu, who is now 73, says the secret of one having many cattle is adopting modern breeding and rearing strategies such as additional feeding when pastures fail to provide enough food for the herd.

He says keeping cattle has helped him to support his six wives and 30 children together with other family depends.

Sekuru Muvhu says he has also managed to construct houses at Checheche Growth Point as well as building a shop and ventured into transport business after selling some of his cattle.

He believes he can achieve bigger success in life if he is given a farm to keep his cattle at a single place and he projects that by end of next year his herd will surpass 2000.

The concept of kuronzera was used a long time ago in the country and helps to spread risk in the event of a disease outbreak.


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