Some of the country’s major dams have begun registering increase in water volumes, following the rains that have been received countrywide over the past weeks.

Last week, Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said dams along the country’s seven catchment areas recorded a rise in water levels. The catchment areas are Gwayi, Manyame, Runde, Mazowe, Save, Sanyati and Mzingwane. The majority of the country’s dams are currently at low water levels, thereby hampering efficient provision of water for both domestic and industrial usage.

Said Mrs Munyonga, “Water levels in the country’s major dams have slightly improved due to the current rainfall activity experienced around the country.

“As of 13 January 2020, the national dam level average was 48,7 percent, marking a 0,66 percent improvement since 6 January 2020. Gwayi catchment gained 3 percent during the week under review, to end with a dam level average of 40,8 percent, Manyame catchment gained 2,7 percent to an average of 75,3 percent while the Runde catchment now has a dam level average of 38,9 percent after gaining 0,5 percent.

Mazowe catchment’s average is 74,4 percent.

“The Sanyati catchment is now 48,3 percent full, with Save catchment at 53,6 percent and Mzingwane catchment 45,3 percent full.”

A catchment is an area of land where water collects when it rains, often bounded by hills, and flows into streams, eventually feeding rivers and dams.