Tobacco farmers in Chizunza village, Makoni in Manicaland have been urged to protect the country’s reputable golden leaf production by complying with the Plant Pests and Disease Act which mandates total destruction of tobacco roots and stalks.

As part of ensuring compliance of total destruction of tobacco roots and stalks, the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development held a tobacco plant health awareness field day in Makoni district, to equip farmers with the best tobacco farming techniques and best agricultural practices.

In an interview on the sidelines of the tobacco plant health awareness field day, the Principal Director for the Department of Research and Specialist Services Danisile Hikwa said farmers should avoid compromising tobacco harvesting techniques as that will jeopardise the country’s well sought after golden leaf.

Acting Provincial Agriculture Extension Officer Mrs Philipa Rwambiwa noted that farmers should observe the legislative framework which mandates total destruction of stalks as that will help to control and manage disease and pests outbreaks.

The Deputy Director in the Minister of State’s Office Mr Terrence Machocho urged Manicaland tobacco farmers to lead by example in adopting the best farming practices that guarantees the future of the agricultural sector.

Makoni district is the hub of tobacco production in Manicaland province.

The country has continued to register success stories in the agricultural sector with about 200 million kilogrammes of golden leaf produced this year, while the command agriculture programme has also added another feather with the country registering a bumper harvest.


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