Anything can be turned into a profitable business in Africa, including maggots.

Yes, maggots!

AgriProtein is a young business that is doing something very remarkable that could totally change theanimal feed industry.

The company is breeding billions of flies on a farm to lay eggs and produce maggots. These maggots are fed on organic waste material (such as human and animal waste, leftover food from restaurants and blood from local abattoirs).

After the maggots feed on the waste, they are washed, dried and grounded to produce a product that is high in protein and used for feeding chickens, fish and pigs.AgriProtein’s maggot-based animal feed is more than 15 percent cheaper than other alternatives and has been proven to be highly nutritious for livestock.

The company recently attracted more than $10 million in capital to build more fly farms in South Africa. In fact, the German government has offered AgriProtein one million Euros to set up a plant in Germany.