The First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe says the Bulawayo Kraal project should be an example for beneficiation under ZIMASSET and upliftment of the people who live in remote areas.

Addressing the 4th Presidential Youth Interface rally in Lupane this afternoon, Dr Mugabe also stressed the need to keep in touch with the people, saying through the project, her wish has been highly adhered to.

Amai Mugabe reminded the gathering of her Bulawayo Kraal project in Binga where a piece of land has been opened for agricultural purposes.

She confirms that a partner has been identified to make the land productive and that 100 hectares of maize is already on the ground.

“The project will be used mainly to produce seed maize and avail seed to other parts of the country. It should go a long way in uplifting lives in Binga and fulfilling ZIMASSET targets. Within five years, the 16000 hectares should be fully open and productive to create jobs and to uplift the lives of people in this area. We should also be able to grow other crops for value addition,” she said.

Dr Mugabe added improving the lives of people is the only way to retain the support of the people, adding that come 2018, Zanu PF will win back the hearts of the people in Binga, which had become a playing ground for the opposition MDC-T.

She also implored government departments and ministries to come on board and help develop underdeveloped areas like Binga and others.

The First Lady castigated a group of errant youths for trying to destabilise the country and abuse the name of the party and party leaders.

“We don’t want violence, we don’t such activities. The police must go for them and arrest them , we want peace which is the legacy of the late former Vice President John Nkomo.

Her calls came in the wake of reports that there is a group moving around in a vehicle emblazoned with her portrait, harassing people in her name and that of the party.


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