Avian influenza has resurfaced at Irvine’s, forcing the government to extend the quarantine period for the poultry producer.

Irvine’s is one of the country’s leading poultry producers and the reported outbreak of the highly pathogenic virus has forced the culling of 10 000 birds.

Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services Principal Director, Dr Unesu Ushewokunze Obatulu confirmed the outbreak.

“We thought at the end of 12 weeks we would be out of the woods, but unfortunately there has been a recurrence. It is not a new case, it just requires us to continue to manage the property under quarantine,” he said.

Dr Obatulu urged the public, poultry producers and keepers to be on alert for sudden poultry deaths.

The h5n8 virus is suspected to have emerged from wild migratory birds, passing the disease onto resident wild birds.
Avian influenza is fatal in affected birds with a nearly 70 percent death rate


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