India’s tractor and farm equipment manufacturer Tafe, through AgriMag of South Africa has awarded a distribution licence of its products to Amtec Motors (Zimbabwe). Through the franchise arrangement between Tafe and AgriMag, Amtec is now selling tractors and an assortment of agro equipment comprising of boom sprayers, hydraulic offsets, rippers, ridgers, mechanical and pneumatic planters, an official said.

The new farm equipment division will be launched today with Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement Perrance Shiri expected to be the guest of honour.

The introduction of agro equipment by Amtec is a departure from its traditional business of selling trucks and luxury vehicles.

Amtec says expansion into retailing of farm equipment is part of the company’s strategy to remain relevant in a dynamic.
“As Amtec, we have moved into supplying agriculture equipment to remain competitive and relevant to our Zimbabwean clientele but mostly we are aiming to support efforts to revamp the growing agriculture sector by our government,” said Ms Elivia Zvoushe, Amtec marketing officer responsible for the agro equipment division.

Tafe tractors are manufactured in India and will cost between $12 000 and $35 000 depending on the horsepower ranging from 35 to 100, according to Zvoushe.

Ms Zvoushe said the response on the market has been overwhelming, with many customers showing great appetite for the new products, but foreign currency shortage currently prevailing in the economy had been a major hindrance.

“The response is overwhelming,” she said. Most people are interested in our new products, (but foreign) currency is making it difficult for once off payments but we have put lay-byes in place to make the purchase easier.”

She said Ametc had also come up with special packages were it is offering soft collateral requirements for schools and churches.