1. Farm Produce processing and packaging

From maize to beans to cotton , food processing is an important and lucrative part of the value chain in the agriculture industry. If you take a walk into any grocery store or supermarket, you will easily find collections of processed and well-packaged farm produce.


2 .Agriculture Consulting

Majority of farmers in developing regions lack the knowledge to maximize their farm yield. But with the right expert knowledge, they can produce more from the same investment and space. Agriculture consulting provides the research backbone of the agricultural industry. As an agric consultant, you will be involved in advising and training farmers on farming best practices. You will advise on use of high yield seedlings or fingerlings, soil management, and other modern farming techniques. And also help to supplement the traditional knowledge of farmers with new technologies and tools to increase yields and produce healthier products. Consultants are in demand, both as city and state workers, private industry hires, and independent contractors.

3 . Farm produce marketing

There is still a wide gap between farmers in developing regions and the market. A lot of farmers struggle to find buyers that will be willing to pay reasonably to compensate for their effort. Whereas some farmers lose a substantial part of their produce before it gets to the market due to prolonged storage and inadequate access to the market.

4.     Farm transportation

Transportation can present major challenges for small farmers looking to move products to market. Limited access to transportation can affect how a farmer moves products into the supply chain. With a strong business model, providing access to transportation for farmers can prove to be a profitable venture. Entrepreneurs can provide the materials for transport, including trucks, trailers, and other equipment that are designed for livestock and produce.

5.     Agri-tourism

In recent years, more people in urban areas are interested in finding out more about where their food comes from and how it’s produced. People have seen the dining side of the farm-to-table, now they want to see the farm. The recent emergence of agritourism as an industry is showing a lot of promise for entrepreneurs.

6.   Agribusiness training

As people are discovering the opportunities of creating wealth from the agriculture industry, they need training to learn the rudiments and the business of farming. There are lucrative opportunities in teaching people how to farm different livestock and crops, and the business of agriculture.If you are confident in your skill, you can share your knowledge with young farmers who will pay for your classes.

7 . Invest in agriculture

If you don’t want to have direct contact with the upstream and downstream of the agric industry, but have idle money, you can invest your money and have other people do the job. There are many agric crowdfunding platforms out there offering up to 15 percent return on investment in 6 months. Make sure to do a proper search and due diligence before giving anyone your money. If you invest with the right people, you can easily have your money work for you. You’ll have a source of passive income while keeping your job or business.