Agricultural experts are geared towards optimum revitalisation of sunflower and groundnut production as Zimbabwe targets to enhance production that will translate to substantial earnings through exports.

Zimbabwe has embarked on an ambitious programme to revive its sunflower and groundnut seed production that will improve yields over the next five years to meet growing demand of the products on the international market.

The project has already courted South African investors who have already delivered a a $2.5 million package of sunflower seed to be grown over 30 000 hectares this season as well as technical support for local farmers for optimum yields.

The South African team has already set the project into after conducting a skills training programme for extension and field officers in the capital.

Zimbabwe is eyeing a cumulative figure of $2 billion over the next five years on growing demand of sunflower and other oil producing seeds on the international market.

Demand for sunflower seed on the international market is growing prompting players in the industry to project a massive jump in returns over the next two years.

The Oil Seed Association of Zimbabwe which is mainly driving the sales on the international market is currently inundated with a demand that will earn the country substantial revenue under the projected period.


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