When it comes to business books and other resources, the formula is clear cut-everything is scientific! Measurable, can be calculated, reviewed and analysed. The formula for calculating profit is the same-the formula for digital marketing success is straight forward. Now how about the use of the underworld in business? Is business spiritual?

Unfortunately you are never going to see this covered in business books, you will not find academic research papers on this area and yet it plays a huge role in the business sector across the continent.

Our forum recently tackled a case of a Zimbabwean who got juju from Mozambique to boost his business. Everything went according to plan as he got instant riches enabling him to buy 2 kombi taxis and 1 private vehicle. His repair business in town experienced rapid growth fuelled by juju.

Things started going southwards when he failed to abide by the juju conditions which required him never to sleep between 6:00pm and 6:00am. He accidentally slept and one child died. Did this several times and 2 more children followed!

Realising his blunder, he returned to Mozambique to seek help from the sangoma who had initially helped him but he found him gone with no traceable references. The businessman then sought help from several prophets but to no avail.

The trends

Juju use is widespread in the business sector.

Juju use results in instant or miracle success or wealth.

Wealth created by juju is short lived.

The cost of juju includes loss of lives and more stress for the concerned business person and immediate family.

Once one has taken juju then they have crossed the Rubicon, one cannot return it to the source.

What science fails to prove

The businessman all of a sudden had a lot of clients as his business enjoyed rapid growth. What was attracting the new clients? What impact did this have on other businesses? How many closed as most clients headed to this juju inspired business?

Most popular mhikos (covenants)

Sleep related

Not sleeping during the night

Not sleeping the day you woke up

Business premises related

Not entering business premises (owner remains in car)

Certain offices or rooms that can only be entered by the owner

Children related

Children who do not marry

Children who are barren

Children who give birth to particular sexes

Children who die in mysterious circumstances

Deaths at a particular period during the year


Not visiting hospitals

Not attending funerals

Not giving visitors food

Relieving in the bush

Not helping close relatives

Being unkempt

Sleeping with many partners

Please note anyone showing any of the above signs does not necessarily mean they have mhiko to abide by as this information is general. What is unmistakable though is there is a visible pattern which can be plotted on a graph.

The practitioner must religiously follow the mhiko or face dire repercussions. Please also note that there are some innocent people who can give monies which become fixed and they can encounter a sudden fall in wealth leading to some to speculate that they have been using juju.

The late Sekuru Ndunge from Chipinge is said to have a mysterious chicken which was used for juju purposes. Visitors to his place interested in juju had the chicken brought and picking maize seeds. The number of seeds picked equated to the number of years one lived a wealthy and luxurious life style. At the end of the period-one faced sudden death mostly through road accidents. The story of Bothy is well known by Mutareans.

Surviving juju inspired competition in business

The cost of using muti in business is steep high and those not practicing it risk early business closures. There is no empirical evidence to support this but discussions in our forums shows some who encountered this really struggled.

To survive, follow sound business principles and practices. It always work in the long run in developing a sustainable business model. Do not panic when others come and inexplicably dominate the industry-in most cases its just a flash in the pan.

Concentrate more on developing close relationships with your clients. Deliver top quality services on a CONSTANT BASIS. Clients may temporarily switch to juju inspired competitors but when the dust settles, they will trace their way back!

You are not going to find this in business teaching or books and yet its reality. Its practically impossible to carry out a research survey to find the prevalence of juju use but by listening to reality shows or evangelical shows on television-one gets an insight into the dark world of juju and business.

Give us your own insight into this practice.

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