Chances are you’ve never heard of the spider goat, which is exactly why this genetically engineered animal has made it to the top . 

The spider goat is purely a creation of science. Outwardly it’s no different from your typical goat. However, the spider goat does have spider DNA in it. That’s right –  the spider goat creates milk that contains golden orb spider silk. 

Golden orb spider silk is not meant for human consumption and it is the only outwardly distinguishable trait that makes the spider goat unique. 

Scientists refine the spider goat’s milk and then the extracted silk is used to make highly resistant products such as fishing line wire, body armor, surgical sutures and parachutes. 

The USU farm is home to its very own herd of spider goats which can be visited on certain occasions. This farm is actually part of a larger research facility at USU that focuses on animal husbandry and genetics