It all started with a few boars and some sows,  now through breeding the pigs they have you managed to grow the number 223 pigs

Kundai studied at boarding school and she also learnt a lot from the farming community in marondera. She went on to sturdy a bachelor’s in economics in the United States. While in university  she spent a lot of time researching up information on how to improve farming methods. She believes that’s when she discovered a real passion for farming.

The moment it dawned on her that she would not be happy doing anything else she decided to fly back to Zimbabwe from the USA to concentrate on Farming

The young lady was born and raised on a farm, so this is something that she went into because she already had an idea about farming.  Owing to the family history, she initially started doing mushroom then moved onto the piggery. Kundai went into partnership with her sister because she didn’t have many resources which the sister was happy to help with.