Cattle pen fattening

Jan 18, 2024 - 14:16
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*AgriBusiness Idea of the Day*

*Cattle Pen Fattening business*

def _Pen fattening enables the animals to express fully their genetic potential for growth. 
It also enables the profitability of beef production to be maximised, 
provided the beef price to feed cost ratio is favourable. 
Energy consumed in excess of maintenance requirements is used for tissue synthesis (beef production)_

Start cattle pen fattening business. This is a very lucrative business, and the market is always available. Cattle pen fattening involves the feeding of beef cattle with a protein balanced, high-energy diet for a period of 90 days under confinement to increase live weights and improve degree of finish and thus obtain better grades at the abattoir.

Before you start a cattle pen fattening farming business in Zimbabwe, you have to decide how many cattle you want to keep, where you are going keep them, and your target market. The number of cattle you keep will depend on the amount of land and capital you have, and also the size of your target market. You should always carry out a feasibility study, market research and write a business plan before you venture into any business. Do not make the mistake of starting a cattle pen fattening business or any other business just because someone is doing it and he/she says it’s profitable.

Cattle fattening in Zimbabwe is very profitable when done the right way. The profitability of the cattle pen fattening business depends on the buying price of the cattle, cost of the feed, price margin, feed margin, feed conversion efficiency ratio, unit cost per KG when selling.  It is important that you understand the mentioned margins and conversion ratios before you start the business. You can easily calculate how much profit you will get buy buying and fattening the cattle at a specific price if you understand the margins and conversion ratios


Certain cattle are more suitable to being fattened than others. Beef cattle must be fed a protein-balanced, high-energy diet over a period of around 90 days in confinement to enhance live weights, improve degree of finish, and receive better grades at the abattoir.To create a profitable, long-lasting feedlot enterprise, you need adequate knowledge of efficient pen fattening practices, such as cattle fattening techniques, solid managerial skills, and a good business plan.


For the project to be financially sustainable, choosing the ideal location for your cattle feedlots is essential. The accessibility of the market and feed sources, the current climatic conditions, as well as strong transportation networks, are all key factors to consider when choosing land for your feedlot.

Whether the land is suitable for constructing cattle feedlots, whether water is easily accessible, whether there is a low risk of flooding or veld fire, and whether it is sufficiently removed from residential or industrial areas to prevent noise and dust pollution in those areas are all additional considerations.

1 - The buying price of weaner calves or store cattle,
2 - The cost of the feed,
3 - The selling price of the finished cattle, and
4 - The performance of the cattle is influenced by management.

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